Listen to the Fire Emblem: Awakening Soundtrack

By Jorge Ba-oh 19.01.2013 2

Listen to the Fire Emblem: Awakening Soundtrack on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The music in Fire Emblem: Awakening is rather good, penned by renowned composers Rei Kendoh and Hiroki Morishita.

We've heard that you can play the game with English or Japanese voices, but we've yet to touch upon the game's backing music. Sweeping military marches, bold string sections and classic Fire Emblem fanfare make up a solid soundtrack for the new portable strategy title from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Samples of the game's music can now be heard on a YouTube playlist.


What do you think of the Fire Emblem: Awakening score?

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As the theme kicks in at 1:00, you could imagine that I was in tears, screaming "Oh how you've grown so much, how lovely you have become!" ... no? ok...

radorn (guest) 18.03.2013#2

It doesn't disgust me, but it's rather forgettable, like most modern game music. Unless for the bits of classic themes. Game music nowadays insists way too much in "emotion-ambiance" and has no well crafted melody, or recognizable melody at all. It's all just for "instant experience" and you can barely tell them apart... it's a disgrace.

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