Nintendo Sinks in Europe: Wii U Virtual Console Runs at 50Hz

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.01.2013 7

Nintendo Sinks in Europe: Wii U Virtual Console Runs at 50Hz on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The first of the upcoming Wii U Virtual Console titles in Europe is reported to run at the archaic 50hz framerate in Europe.

The old standard refresh rate was common place in the older console generation, with European gamers suffering from approximately 17.5% slowdown in most releases. The NTSC standard in Japan and American would run at around 30 frames/second, where as PAL releases would opt for 25 frames/second instead.

With PAL titles running at higher resolutions than the NTSC variety, titles would also produce a letterbox effect and in some cases a squashed/mis-aligned look. Because of the different speed, music has been known to output at varying and sometimes bizzare rates.

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The original Wii Virtual Console has been heavily criticised for running at 50hz in the past only despite a system wide setting to run at 60hz.

Oddly, the Nintendo 3DS releases include 60hz output yet the sole title released in Europe so far - Balloon Fight - runs in 50hz on both the GamePad and on the TV, according to a plethora of Miiverse complaints.

Nintendo may well reconsider the 50/60hz debate for future Virtual Console games and when the service goes live this Spring, but for now Wii U owners in Europe are locked to 50hz for these classic gems.

Have you tried the game on your Nintendo Wii U? Should Nintendo re-consider 60hz for the European Virtual Console?Please take a moment to sign our Wii U Virtual Console PAL Games in 60hz petition today and we shall forward the response to our contacts in Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK once reaching a solid figure.

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Bad bad simply bad, with the other systems and even 3DS running at full 60Hz, there's no excuse from Nintendo anymore.

I really hope the demand reaches their ears this time because it's silly that Europe keeps getting the short straw for this!

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

I've long been outspoken in my hatred for Europe getting absolutely shafted time and time again when it comes to shoving 50Hz games down our throats and expecting us to pay for them. This is 2013, not 1990, and it is frankly a disgrace that Nintendo thinks this is acceptable behavior on their newest home console.

Shit like this is not what fans of Nintendo deserve. I am not going to simply sit back and watch as us Europeans (and indeed all those in other PAL regions, I assume; Australasia, etc) get treated like dirt once again.

I strongly urge all game fans, even those not in PAL regions, to voice your complaints as much as possible. Be it on Twitter (@NintendoUK, @NintendoEurope), or their Facebook pages (, on Miiverse, in emails, in the NeoGAF topic which should be getting a lot of exposure - everywhere you can.

The fact so many are angry about this speaks for itself. I've said it before, as have many others - I will not be spending a single penny on VC games unless this is sorted.

J (guest) 24.01.2013#3

lets be honest here, who gives a fuck?

Powico (guest) 24.01.2013#4

Not enough people sadly, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't.

Me (guest) 24.01.2013#5

All European Wii U owners.

J (guest) said:
lets be honest here, who gives a fuck?

European users who get inferior versions, and those that have already invested heavily in the Virtual Consoles content, but are unprepared to pay a small discounted fee just to play on the GamePad.

Before this revelation the assumption was, that like 3DS, software would run at 60hz, and have GamePad /Off-TV-Play support, and the suspend feature.

( Edited 24.01.2013 21:55 by Linkyshinks )

PAL60 would be best, as thats 30fps at the suppiour PAL resolution and color.

Dont be so quick to criticize PAL, as resolution and color wise its always been better then NTSC. ("Never The Same Color: Smilie).

The problem comes with US ports that end up with the USs worst resolution letterboxed, and then Pals worse framerate, so we get the worst of both worlds.

Some Pal releases of Snes games however, would be higher res at 50hz, so its not a straight forward choice here.

" archaic 50hz resolution "

Please dont say "resolution" in regards to 50hz framerate, thats just confusing Smilie

( Edited 25.01.2013 00:04 by Darkflame ) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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