GungHo! Make way for a Grasshopper Merger

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.01.2013 1

GungHo! Make way for a Grasshopper Merger on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The brains behind Killer7 and No More Heroes has been lapped up by fellow Japanese video game company GungHo Group.

Grasshopper Manufacture, lead by game designer Goichi Suda, will now work alongside GungHo as a single merged group like Square-Enix or Namco Bandai. If you're unfamiliar with the studio, GungHo are primarily known for online MMORPG titles like Ragnarok Online, ROSE Online and Ragnarok DS.

The combined studios will lead to increased resources across both specialties - the darker, quirkier side of Grasshopper with the online infracture know-how crafted by the folk at GungHo.

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