Would Nintendo Ever Release This DS to Wii U Adaptor?

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.01.2013 6

Would Nintendo Ever Release This DS to Wii U Adaptor? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the Wii U having the perfect setup for running Nintendo DS titles, could Nintendo ever release an adaptor?

It's an idea that seems farfetched but something that may just happen if Nintendo want a way of maintaining the DS legacy in the future and allowing players to experience these games on their GamePad and television.

One designer, Dave Delisle, decided to create a mock-up image of what he thinks a Nintendo DS to Nintendo Wii U adapter might look like if the Japanese game maker ever decides to create one. It would essentially take on the shape of a small dock to slot a DS (or 3DS) cartridge into and with a little dollop of magic, love and affection, the game would run on the Nintendo Wii U.

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Nintendo have not yet talked about running DS/3DS software on the Wii U, so it's a dream device for now, but the concept does sound intriguing.

Would you buy an adaptor to play your Nintendo DS or 3DS titles (in 2D) on your Nintendo Wii U console?

User Poll: Would you buy an adaptor to play your Nintendo DS or 3DS titles (in 2D) on your Nintendo Wii U console?

Maybe - depends on cost
Maybe - depends on performance

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Matt (guest) 31.01.2013#1

If it played 3ds games as well as ds games then I would strongly consider it.

I would, to get more of a family experience when playing DS games. XL's go only a little way in helping to provide that.

Would be awesome if they made something like this in the future. I'm sure it'd sell alot if it was priced reasonably.

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Mystary (guest) 24.04.2013#4

TV = Top Screen Wii U = Bottom

Mike (guest) 04.11.2013#5

I'd buy it in a heart beat, one of the ways my systems lived longer, and saw more use is through the super game boy ( super NES) and the Game cube adapter.  I rarely play many of the game cube games any more, mayber 2 of three, But I play the Game bot advance games quite often.  My kids play many of my favorites like final fantasy, and Golden sun. Great portable games that are much easier on the eyes then viewed on a big screen.

For those that don't get the point. This is it, I like to play the game on a large screen rather than on a 3 inch screen.  The Wii U has the base ability to do this by way of the TV screen and the built in controller touch screen.  While most of my game play over the years have been Nintendo, I do own a PSP, the greatest thing about it for me was the cable allowing you to play the game on a TV.  I replayed Final fantasies 1 thru 4, Fantasy star zero, Final Fantasy Tactics, YS's, and more on a 51 inch screen TV.  That is why we want portable adapters for the DS/3DS... because staring at a 3 inch screen for 2 hours can be draining.

Brian schnoor (guest) 05.01.2018#6

Ever since I first played Pokemon Yellow on the Gameboy I've always wanted a way 2 play the DS games on the TV because it makes it a lot easier to see what I'm doing and funner to play the game because you can see the Pokemon a lot bigger which makes the game funner, and more realistic to me. It also makes it possible to play the game a lot longer because when you got the screen closer to your face playing a game boy type system you got the screen Lots closer to your face which isn't for your vision.

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