Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Guide you Through Luigi's Mansion 2 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.02.2013 2

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Guide you Through Luigi

During Nintendo Direct today designer Shigeru Miyamoto invited viewers to venture deeper into the upcoming Luigi's Mansion sequel on 3DS.

The veteran Nintendo designer explained why the studio decided to bring back the decade-old GameCube experiment with plenty of scope for Luigi to explore bigger and far more menacing environments in 3D. There are plenty of additional mechanics to use, ghouls to explore and with a cheeky smile he exclaims, "suck in as much as you want!"

The ghosts are relentless, with a need to stun your spirit foes before attacking. With a versatile multiplayer feature and a far larger single player campaign, Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) is one to watch when it hits stores on March 28th across Europe and March 24th in North America.

Nintendo are dubbing 2013 the "Year of Luigi", but also have various Mario games in development - including a new Mario and Donkey Kong 3D and teeing off with Mario Golf 3D.


Will you join poor Luigi on his next trip to the ol' ghost mansion on Nintendo 3DS?

Box art for Luigi's Mansion 2
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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


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Looks awesome, glad it's coming soon.

I have to say that it looks pretty sweet with lots of variety.
This game might make me pick up a 3DS.

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