Microsoft Xbox 360 to Outsell Nintendo Wii in the UK

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.02.2013

Microsoft Xbox 360 to Outsell Nintendo Wii in the UK on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In a few weeks Microsoft Xbox 360 will become the best selling console of the current generation in the UK, surpassing Nintendo Wii.

According to MCV the platform has surpassed over 8 million sales in the United Kingdom alone and if the trend continues will nudge the equally popular Nintendo Wii off the top spot in a "matter of weeks".

Microsoft's regional head, Jon Grimes believes that despite the industry issues over the last few years, we need to focus more on the positives. "It's not a sign of hardship in the future", with news like FIFA having its biggest year to date and Skylanders being a "wonderful success" not hitting the headlines enough.

Despite the sales records being set, the industry is focusing strongly on the impending PlayStation announcement from Sony, penned in for February 20th.

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