Dragon Quest X 1.3 Update Overview Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.02.2013 1

Dragon Quest X 1.3 Update Overview Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix has posted a trailer for the upcoming major update for Dragon Quest X.

Folk who have invested a fair bit of time in the RPG giant's latest Dragon Quest offering will be treated to a hefty amount of new content and fixes in the latest version, 1.3.

Alongside a level cap increase to 65 and changes to housing, there'll be additional dungeons, quests and even a place to change up hairstyles. Finally two new jobs and the ability to dye equipment top up the finely crafted update.

The update is scheduled to go live 5th March.


Would you like to see Square Enix localise Dragon Quest X for your region?

Box art for Dragon Quest X Online

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Square Enix


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KiTA (guest) 22.02.2013#1

Yes, god yes, we want to see this localied in the US.  Hurry up and announce it, Square Enix!

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