Watch the US Advert for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.02.2013 1

Watch the US Advert for Luigi

It's all spooks and scares in the TV advert for Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) as the brave plumber sets out to rid various mansions of cheeky ghosts.

Nintendo of America have started their promotional campaign for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS release with a short advert focusing on what the game does best - sucking up spirits using the Poltergust 5000. Can you brave the corridors, dining rooms and gardens of Luigi's Mansion 2?

The game is out March 24th in North America and 28th in Europe.


Will you join Luigi in his latest spin-off adventure? What do you think of the Luigi's Mansion 2 ad?

Box art for Luigi's Mansion 2
Also known as

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


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This is a fantastic commercial! It hearkens back to the nostalgic live commercials of days past even down to the narrator at the end. So much childhood! 

Please give us more game adverts like this. 

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

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