Rumour: Nintendo Wii Mini Heading to Europe?

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.02.2013 2

Rumour: Nintendo Wii Mini Heading to Europe? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

RUMOUR: Eagle eyed Nintendo sleuths have spotted a possible indication that Nintendo might be releasing the rebranded Wii Mini in Europe at some-point.

Nintendo Canada decided to strip the Wii console of its additional functionality - including Internet and SD card support - shoving its core guts into a new, boxed shell. The rebranding has been exclusive to Canada so far, but could find its way into other territories.

When we got in touch with Nintendo UK back in November, the official response was "No announcements have been made regarding other regions".

Now NintendoDaan spotted the inclusion of "Wii Mini" in the drop down menu across various different Nintendo Europe websites, including Nintendo UK at time of writing.

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Do you think Nintendo should release the Wii Mini in Europe, despite problems with Wii U sales?

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User Poll: Should Nintendo release Wii Mini in Europe?

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This is a poor-man's Wii, as it won't be cheaper than what the Wii is now i just don't get who would purhase this. I can't believe that the Wii is still retailing at around £110! 

With Nintendo's poor marketing strategy for Wii U, releasing the Wii Mini in Europe would be absolutely suicide at this point in time. Later in the year, possibly, but with people having no clue what the Wii U is, the Mini would really mess things up.

It's not like an iPod where you can get away with Mini, regular and Micro etc.

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