First Person Super Mario Bros Gets a Sequel

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.02.2013 2

First Person Super Mario Bros Gets a Sequel on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Remember the first person Mario video? Freddie Wong is back with a new take on Super Mario Bros in first person.

Wong brought us Real Life Mario Kart, Zelda Pot Smasher and is now back with another Nintendo-themed project - a gorgeously rendered sequence showing what Mario could be like in first person with a battle against Bowser at the end.


Could the Super Mario Bros.  franchise work in first person? What do you think of this visual style?

Box art for Super Mario Bros.





2D Platformer



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Nintendoro (guest) 25.02.2013#1

Oh no no no no.... Not first person, please!

Great animation and texturing....but youd be playing using the top left corner Smilie

Unless you had depth cues....steroscopicness, headtracking etc...then it might work. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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