Wondering What Luigi's Been Up To? Check Out the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Website

By Javier Jimenez 26.02.2013

Wondering What Luigi

Not had enough of the Year of Luigi yet? Of course you haven't. We haven't even got the first YoL game, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, yet. So maybe visit the official website and check out details of the single and multiplayer gameplay.

On the multiplayer, you'll see details on all 3 (three!) of the modes: Rush, Hunter, and Polterpup. A video on the multiplayer page shows off a mansion with 5 floors, with large bosslike enemies, and variable difficulty levels. Given the excellent multiplayer in Kid Icarus Uprising, it seems Nintendo has taken a turn when it comes to multiplayer segments in their games.

On the single player page, the game details the multiple mansions level structure, item upgrades, and physics based puzzles. While a sequel to the venerable Luigi's Mansion on GameCube, Dark Moon looks to have significantly improved the gameplay of the series. That's a good thing, because while Luigi's Mansion was charming, with great graphics and phsyics animation for the time, it was also thin on game and short to boot.

So like Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, and... you know, that other guy... get ready for some ghost busting, gaming pals!

Box art for Luigi's Mansion 2
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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


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