Nintendo Wii Mini Sells Over 35k in Canada

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.02.2013 2

Nintendo Wii Mini Sells Over 35k in Canada on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With Nintendo's latest hardware revision the Wii Mini on the way to Europe, how well has it performed in Canada?

Despite being a toned down, core Wii package, the bargain price has attracted a steady audience since launching on December 7th. The Wii Mini has sold 35,700 units across the country until January 31st, according to Nintendo World Report.

Sales figures aren't the reason Nintendo is releasing the Wii Mini over here, however.

The Wii Mini is being pitched at around £80 in the UK and is out 22nd March.

Will you be buying a Wii Mini when the console arrives in Europe?

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No, but maybe when it's price falls considerably, and only for my collection, not use.
Taken from the other thread: Canada and Europe are two very different markets, if Nintendo seriously think this version can have any positive impact here, right now at this proposed cost, they're severely mistaken. I think this product only works to confuse people further, as well as cheapen the Wii brands image further.This should be a third-world product, a product designed and released to probe new emerging markets, it should not be releasing here, not now at this delicate time.

I could see this as becoming an interesting collectors item should it be a temporary release. I kinda want one for that reason alone. Smilie

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