Nintendo Sued by Inventor for 3DS Screen

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.02.2013 4

Nintendo Sued by Inventor for 3DS Screen on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It's more legal issues with Nintendo as another inventor has sued the company for Nintendo 3DS technology.

Seijiro Tomita claims that the technology he invented was used in the 3DS portable without his consent or any compensation. Nintendo had spoken to Tomita back in 2003 as part of various meetings with companies to create the 3D screen.

Tomita had worked with Sony for almost three decades, retiring back in 2002.

He is adamant that the prototype shown to Nintendo is essentially what makes up the final retail hardware. The House of Mario feels that the 3DS tech doesn't use the unique and patentable aspects of Tomita's concept.

The inventor is seeking damages for his lack of involvement and if successful could be entitled to a lucrative $9.80 for every Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL sold so far.

What do you think about the case - does Tomita have a claim to Nintendo's 3DS fame?

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Azerkablam (guest) 28.02.2013#1

This was posted on another news site:

"Tomita was not the only person with which Nintendo held meetings with on 3D technology. After holding, as they claim, hundreds of meetings, they settled on using tech from Sharp Corp.It's important to note they met with Sharp Corp. a full year prior to Tomita. So, while the technology likely shares similarities, Nintendo is using Sharp Corp.'s stuff, not Tomita's. In all liklihood, Tomita is suing the wrong company as it would be Sharp Corp. who owns the rights to the 3DS' technology. Either way, he is suing both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan, leaving out Europe for unknown reasons."

If anyone he should go after Sharp... but even that would be a stretch given that Sharp almost certainly has some kind patent or IP rights to their tech.

Indeed. Its yet another case of either deliberately, or with malace, going after the wrong company.

Sharp makes the screens. They sale them too Nintendo, ergo they should be sued. Sueing Nintendos as daft as sueing the retail shops for selling the 3ds.

Besides that, I saw this tech on a prototype laptop decades ago. Was at some exibit at the CN Tower in canada. Its not new in the slightest, it just took this long to be suitable for mass adoption.
Sadly, due to the crappy current patent system, simulatanious intentions are possible and priour art is never correctly checked.

" leaving out Europe for unknown reasons.""

Because europe is (very maraginaly) less tolerent of daft patent lawsuits.

( Edited 28.02.2013 16:18 by Darkflame ) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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This reminds me of that French guy who was caught peeing in his own garden, captured by the Google Streetview car.
He sued Google America instead of Google France, which was the wrong one, so he instantly lost. Smilie

Darkflame said:
Indeed. Its yet another case of either deliberately, or with malace, going after the wrong company.

Probably for publicity or something. Nintendo has a tangible product that many people worldwide either own or at least know about as opposed to Sharp and any products they have that may use it (are there any?)

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