Square Enix Teases Western Bravely Default 3DS Release

By Jorge Ba-oh 03.03.2013 3

Square Enix Teases Western Bravely Default 3DS Release on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The official Twitter account for Bravely Default suggests that the 3DS RPG could be heading outside Japan.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a traditional RPG for 3DS, was well received by Japanese publications, fans and Western media but there haven't been any plans to localise the game as of October 2012.

However with the franchise growing in popularity and  demand from Western gamers, Square Enix may just reconsider if comments from Twitter are to be believed.

The latest Tweet from the account notes that "there is very much comments from the overseas one! I will do my best to have all of you play", sparking hype for another English release from the RPG giant.

Would you be interested in a localised version of Bravely Default on Nintendo 3DS?

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A good RPG of this kind is desperately needed on 3DS.

Is that a collectors addition I see in the gallery. All of the games I have bough recently have been collectors additions: Last story, Zelda SS, Ni No Kuni. I never buy collectors additions but now I cant help it. Still dont own a 3ds and not sure I should of the last 3 handhelds I purchased I only have 5-6 games in total. 
A black 3ds XL and this game plus access to a ds library on Amazon at around £15 a game makes it a somewhat tempting purchase

The Japanese CE is amazing, easily one of the best for a handheld game.

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