Multiperson, Miiverse Chat Planned for Wii U?

By Jorge Ba-oh 04.03.2013 13:58 4

Multiperson, Miiverse Chat Planned for Wii U? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Plans from the Wii U's video technology provider could suggest new features on the way to Nintendo's system.

The Wii U currently has a one to one chatting system that uses the GamePad between two friends on the system. Whilst it's clear and simple to use, a game has to be stopped to start chatting.

Video, the folk who worked on the system for Nintendo, have a PDF on their website that outlines various features that seem to be considered or in development for Wii U including Miiverse and multi-person chat - as spotted by NeoGAF.

Focus on social networking around gaming
Now: video chat in Miiverse
Next: video-powered game experiences

Chat today, conferencing soon
Now: point-to-point
Next: multi-party conferencing

Extending to mobile devices soon
Now: between Wii U consoles
Next: between Wii U and mobile devices

Nintendo did say that Miiverse and mobile connectivity are one of the areas in development for future Wii U updates, so it's likely that some of these features would popup later on in the year.

Have you used the Wii U video chat app - would you like in-game chatting and videos to be incorporated into Miiverse?

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I don't know anyone else who has a Wii U, so no lol.

Have you used the Wii U video chat app - would you like in-game chatting and videos to be incorporated into Miiverse?
Yeah, it would be pretty cool.

I've used it twice, just to try it. I think it took us 2 minutes before we could even 'pick up the phone'.

The video, sound, connection and portability are great. It's just the implementation that's terrible. I really this will improve that.

faceman (guest) 19.03.2013 08:54#4

yes so when i kick some ones butt i can make faces at them

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