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Interview | Chantal Claret Talks Music and Gaming on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
Formerly the front of rock band Morningwood , singer/songwriter Chantal Claret's solo debut 'The One, The Only…' is out now in the UK, blending big 60s beats with a contemporary hip hop embellishment. Written and co-produced by Chantal the new album puts a modern twist on early femme-pop, getting inspiration from the clubs she used to sneak into underage. Cubed3 recently got the chance to catch up with the lady herself to discuss music and gaming matters.

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Cubed3's Adam Riley, Operations Director: It must be such an exciting time for you right now! Regular interviews and TV performances are the norm for promotional work, but have you given any thought to any 'out-there' forms of spreading the word about your album?

Chantal Claret: I am willing to try anything, contemplating street walking and sky writing as an alternative form of promotion!

Cubed3: The One, The Only… definitely is quite an interesting mix of styles, and in some ways is reminiscent of early work by popular UK band, Girls Aloud. Whilst obviously being unique is a key selling point, appealing to specific fan groups is equally important. With that in mind, what audience do you think your work is actually aimed at?

Chantal Claret: Well, it is funny, when I first decided I was going to make a record like this I figured that the people that would listen were older and more nostalgic for this type of music because they loved it the first time around.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see young kids - and I mean anywhere from 3 years old to teenagers - be super into it.  I was super psyched. I mean I've been compared to Adele and Amy Winehouse and Duffy (not saying I agree or disagree), which is a great house to be in. I think all of those ladies are incredibly talented and wonderful and I think we are all inspired by the same era and styles of music so that makes total sense.

Cubed3: Various artists have been involved with videogames in the past, but if you could have one of your songs featured as the main theme for a game, which would you choose and what game do you think it would best suit?

Chantal Claret: Ohhhhh, this is probably the hardest question in the world!! Okay this wouldn't make ANY SENSE but just because it would make 8-year-old me incredibly happy I would have to do a Super Mario game. I mean come on, it's classic! Or maybe Final Fantasy… Oh I DON'T KNOW!!!! SO HARD!! This is the Sophie's Choice of video game questions!

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Cubed3: How about the idea of having some of your songs featured on the soundtracks for EA Sports titles?

Chantal Claret: My old band, Morningwood, had songs on some EA games like Burnout Revenge and SSX, so that was amazing. I would love to have more! Then obviously there is Rock Band, which is ridiculous but I failed singing MY OWN SONG that I WROTE on Rock Band. It is kind of the highlight of my life.

Cubed3: What sorts of games have been keeping you busy lately? Are you more of a shooter fan or do you like getting drawn into the story of a deep RPG experience?

Chantal Claret: I am definitely more of an RPG person. The last game I played heavily was LEGO Lord of the Rings. I am a HUGE LOTR fan so I will basically give anything that comes out with that title a shot. And it was a GREAT game - the world was really damn big and fun, but unlike with Skyrim where the world was too big. I am a taskmaster and I like to check things off my list and get them done and when you would get one thing done you would go back to the list and there would be 50 more things and it was giving my anxiety. Also, lately my friends and I have been playing Guardians of Middle Earth on Xbox Live. It is a pretty simple game and I play with Radagast who is the silliest character ever but he has some pretty good moves, plus whoever voiced him sounds like the lead singer of ACDC, so it's hilarious. I also just started the Walking Dead games - I heard they were good.

Cubed3: Have you been keeping up with the latest reveals - like the details of the upcoming PlayStation 4? Are you excited about what is coming in the next generation of gaming?

Chantal Claret: I am SUPER psyched about the next gen of consoles. I mean, I go to E3 and ComiCon and check all the stuff out and it is so damned cool. I haven't really been keeping up to date with the PS4, though, as I like to be surprised and I don't like getting excited too early before it comes out.

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Cubed3: What do you think about Nintendo and the Wii U? Does the idea of playing on the TV and then being able to carrying on playing around the house on the GamePad sound appealing?

Chantal Claret: Yeah, I think that is awesome. I mean it is horrible for kids being that they will never live in the real world again, but for me and my purposes it is GREAT!! It would be better for touring, though, if I could play at home and then hit the road and continue the exact game I was playing! Gaming industry, think of my needs!!

Cubed3: Do you think Nintendo is still struggling to shake the 'family and children' tag compared to the comparatively 'cool' Sony and Microsoft?

Chantal Claret: Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely in LOVE with NINTENDO! I am a Nintendo girl for life. I was raised by Mario. I think it is less about the games and more of the console, though. At the time the Wii was so awesome and innovative but now it is really passé and I think it will be about what the next console is like in the eyes of the consumer. I will always want to buy a new Mario game when it is available but at this point I have stopped because I don't use my Wii anymore.  Beyond that, the titles are cute and fun but they need more games like The Rub Rabbits! and Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Project Rub in Europe), which were fun…and kind of dirty!

Cubed3: When you're out on the road, what sort of portable gaming do you do? Are you more of an iPhone gamer or do you whip out a Nintendo 3DS from time-to-time?

Chantal Claret: Haha, I am so old school - I just use a DS! I don't even have a 3DS! I recently just sold my old Game Boy cartridges. Not gonna lie - I had a hacked DS for a million years and it was the BEST!!! I bring that with me on tour and on trips. And I also use my iPhone to play little games.

Cubed3: If you were to be likened to any game character, who do you reckon you would be?

Chantal Claret: Oh my lord this is another of those hardest questions I have ever had to answer *shakes fist* Well, first and foremost I look EXACTLY like my Xbox Avatar. I actually think I go out of my way to look and dress like it more and more *laughs* As a character, I would maybe say a Chocobo?! Hahaha, I dunno! I am just going to say Goomba Boot from Super Mario Bros. 3 just because that is my favourite thing from any game of all time.

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Cubed3: Finally, do you have any particular favourite soundtracks from games you've played? Would you ever consider using a sample when writing new music?

Chantal Claret: Well, obviously Lollipop Chainsaw has my FAVOURITE soundtrack of all time because my husband did it. Beyond that, any soundtrack that used my music is utterly amazing (wink wink).  If I were ever going to sample anything it would be classic like Tetris or Mario. I am old school. The Scott Pilgrim soundtrack was great.

Cubed3: Do you have any final words for your fans out there?

Chantal Claret: Hello! I have taken the time away from my video games to make my sweet, sweet record so it would be lovely if you would get it! Love, Chantal.

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Nürock by Morningwood is still one of my favourite tracks from any racing game, and ex-aequo my favourite from Burnout Revenge with Riot Radio by The Dead 60's. I actually discovered the band thanks to that game. Love your voice Chantal Smilie!

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