Is this the Mighty Switch Force Sequel?

By Jorge Ba-oh 19.03.2013 1

Is this the Mighty Switch Force Sequel? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

WayForward has taken to Twitter to tease what appears to potentially be a screenshot for the upcoming Mighty Switch Force sequel.

The studio is working on another entry in the Mighty Switch Force franchise for the Nintendo 3DS eShop to be released at some point this year, and this latest shapshot of one of their projects could very well be from that game.

The image came with the caption "Who's ready to Switch it UP", leading fans to speculate whether it is Mighty Switch Force related.

Image for Is this the Mighty Switch Force Sequel?

What do you think of this screenshot - could it be from Mighty Switch Force 2?

Box art for Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

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Another teaser practically confirms a sequel with a silhouette of Patricia:

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