Pokémon Snap as a Hollywood Blockbuster

By Jorge Ba-oh 20.03.2013 1

Pokémon Snap as a Hollywood Blockbuster on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ever wondered what the Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Snap might look like as a Hollywood blockbuster? A group of fans have made a film spoof.

The original game saw players roaming the beautiful island of Pokémon in a bid to document all the known critters in photographic form. Professor Oak, the king of all Poké-knowledge, was a tad lazy so employed you, trainee photographer, to venture out into the wild wold to snap Pikachu, Chamander and many more.

In the this trailer for what we wish were a real-like Poké-flick, video group Gritty Reboots, take on what life might be like exploring the island with a camera and the potential for the Pokémon to rebel, à la Jurrassic Park style.


Would you like to see Pokémon Snap return perhapss as a film or a game sequel on Wii U or 3DS?

Box art for Pokémon Snap








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Haha, the melodrama was quite funny at the end.,

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