Miiverse on Phones, Browsers this May - GDC Details

Miiverse on Phones, Browsers this May - GDC Details on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Want to chat and draw with fellow Nintendo fans on Miiverse when not at home? Browser and phone apps expected this May.

Nintendo have been promising to expand Miiverse functionality since the launch of the Wii U console last November, adding tasty morsels in smaller updates since.

One of the features outlined during E3 last year would be the ability to access the Miiverse social network from outside the Wii U framework, eventually making its way to the Nintendo 3DS, phones and web browsers.

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During GDC one of the key topics discussed by Nintendo was Miiverse, and producer Kiyoshi Mizuki confirmed that access to the service on other platforms will happen this May. No date was given for the Nintendo 3DS version, however.

Nintendo are also improving the Miiverse API for developers to utilise the service from within games at a greater level, for example following specific users and booting to a specific point in a game from within a Miiverse post.

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Will you be downloading and accessing Miiverse on your mobile or browser?

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I'm surprised that a full 66% of posts are from in game.

Sonic_13 said:
I'm surprised that a full 66% of posts are from in game.

Same here, I tend to post more from the Miiverse boards themselves - would have thought the figure would be the other way around. Definitely needs to see more devs working with Miiverse. Such a solid implementation that hasn't really been utilised too well in non-Nntendo games. All Nintendo need now is to create some form of way of capturing gameplay natively as video and posting it to Miiverse, now that would be awesome.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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