Colors! 3D Getting 5th April eShop Update Plus Win a Wii U by Painting

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.03.2013 1

Colors! 3D Getting 5th April eShop Update Plus Win a Wii U by Painting on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Fans of Colors! 3D will be able to grab hold of an updated version on the 3DS eShop from April 5th.

There'll be a handful of improvements added to the game, including the ability to follow favourite artists, a search bar to find specific pieces, find out what tools people used, filter results and improvements to personal galleries in a bid to make the experience more social.

You can also tag paints using Twitter-esque # hash tags and receive the latest news directly from the developer.

The studio behind the game, Collecting Smiles, also announced a competition as part of the update and to utilise the new tagging system. Simply "Paint the world in colors" using the tag #painttheworld to enter. The winner takes away a Nintendo Wii U Deluxe set!

The full run-down of updates can be found on the Colours! 3D website.

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Nice update, the current gallery features are lacking.

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