Scirra Interested in Construct 2 Engine for HTML5 Games on Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.03.2013

Scirra Interested in Construct 2 Engine for HTML5 Games on Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With Nintendo paving the way for HTML5 development on the console front, Scirra have expressed interest in bringing Construct 2 to Wii U.

Construct 2 is a development application that's been built with HTML5  and 2D games in mind, suitable for the budding beginner or more complex designer. Using a drag and drop interface, events and behaviors, developers are able to build games for different platforms.

At the moment developers can publish to a variety of different sources, websites and native apps for iOS and Android.

How about Wii U? The onboard browser on Wii U does support HTML5, ranked high in previous tests, so would be a viable platform for Construct 2 games to run on.

In a Tweet from Emily Rogers to the studio, they replied that they would "definitely support a Wii U/Nintendo exporter" if possible, which would allow developers to optimise their code to run on Wii U - for example perhaps mapping keyboard buttons to the Wii U face buttons automatically.

Some interesting titles made on the platform that could be suitable for Wii U include Pop, where players use standard platforming controls but need to move objects by dragging on the screen/mouse. Perhaps Pinkman's lab which involves aiming a mouse's canonball to get cheese or Portal Slug, an odd cross between Portal and Metal Slug.

Would you like to develop or play HTML driven games on the Wii U?

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