Nintendo 3DS Letter Box Getting Update this Week

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.04.2013 4

Nintendo 3DS Letter Box Getting Update this Week on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As part of this week's 3DS eShop update in Europe, Nintendo have confirmed a long overdue update to the 3DS Letter Box software.

The improved app for Nintendo 3DS owners will include refinements to the existing functions, including the ability to take photos/record sounds from within the software itself. When replying to an existing message chain, photos and sounds can be attached, as well as using a different ink colour for each page.

The app will also include better filers for those with a hefty amount of messages, allowing you to filer letters by sender in your list.

Are you a Nintendo Letter Box user on Nintendo 3DS? What changes would you like to see Nintendo make?

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Yes, but is there a delete all option, is what i want to know. 

Delete the App and redownload it. Not the most elegant of solutions, but better than the manual method. Smilie

If you ask me this is basically just time biding for until Miiverse hits the 3DS. Once it does, LetterBox will be all but redundant unless you really want colour in your drawings. (Because let's be honest, Miiverse 3DS will probably allow 3D messages)

Still that might not be for a few months Smilie

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g4m3rguy (guest) 04.04.2013#4

It takes forever to load! If they could fix the loading time that would be great. I guess I will have to wait for MiiVerse.

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