Nintendo Wii U Sees Minor Miiverse Update this Week

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.04.2013 1

Nintendo Wii U Sees Minor Miiverse Update this Week on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo are continuing to expand and revise the Miiverse social network, with a handful of minor updates rolling out this week.

The Wii U app, which allows players to discuss games and popular franchises, has already seen improvements since launching alongside the Wii U last November. Now to improve the user interface, Nintendo have grouped communities by category - splitting off "Virtual Console" and "Wii U Games" to make it easier to find certain Miiverse boards.

Also in a bid to improve loading times for more popular posts, Nintendo have also filtered down the initial number of comments loaded to 100 posts to avoid clogging up the system.

A major Wii U system update is expected this month.

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I love that Nintendo is continually improving and making changes to Miiverse. Not sure of the exact number of updates so far, but there have been a bunch like this one.

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