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By James Temperton 28.02.2004 1

GoldenEye 2
Not quite what you were thinking...

Yes, GoldenEye 2 is going to be a synchronised swimming simulator, surprised? Well don't be, because predictably it is going to be a shoot-'em-up, but in contradiction to previous reports will be developed by EA's Los Angeles studios.

"As the #1 console title in the US, Everything or Nothing, EA's critically acclaimed new Bond game has it all, including original music from Grammy winner Mya and top Hollywood talent such as Pierce Brosnan and Heidi Klum. And we're not done yet -- today we're announcing that we are developing GoldenEye 2 (working title), a game where players become the ultimate villain in the Bond universe," Riccitiello added.
John Riccitiello, EA's President and COO

The main character (whom you play) is an agent who was going to join MI6, but was thrown away on the grounds of him being a reckless and brutal piece of work. He has since joined the ranks of a supremely evil Auric Goldfinger, a syndicate known as the world's greatest criminal organisation.

A spokesperson for EA commented, "Bond plays an important role early in the game, but this game isn't about James Bond; it's about the super villains and the clandestine underworld of the Bond universe. You won't miss playing as James Bond once you get to know-and unleash-your very own bad-guy."

Apparently some of the best enemies in the franchise are set to return - with Oddjob and Jaws being rumoured to be included in the lineup. Certainly seems like an interesting title indeed.

More on this as it happens.

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