Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Rechargeable Battery Being Considered

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.04.2013 6

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Rechargeable Battery Being Considered on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A recent consumer survey issued by Nintendo of America pops the question about an official Wii Remote Plus rechargeable battery.

At the end of the survey, Nintendo revealed that the company are "in the process of exploring the release of an Official Wii Remote Plus Fast Battery Charger" and that the peripheral could "provide 13-hours of use after a 90-minute charge".

The questionnaire suggests a price of $40 that includes a battery, AC adapter, charging cradle, strap and replacement Wii Remote jacket. It isn't clear whether the battery set would ship as an option with future Wii Remotes, however.

With that in mind it is likely Nintendo would release a Wii Remote Plus battery set at some point with it being in consideration.

What do you think of what Nintendo could offer Wii/Wii U consumers and the price - would you get one?

User Poll: Would you buy an official Wii Remote Plus rechargeable battery pack?

Yes: with a Wii Remote Plus
Yes: battery pack on its own
Undecided: Depends on price
No: Use rechargeable batteries already
No: Use regular batteries

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After all this time.....

Why now? The Wii is pretty much dead and the Wii U needs more attention. The last best thing coming out for it is Pandora's Tower.

CrystalMushroom said:
Why now? The Wii is pretty much dead and the Wii U needs more attention. The last best thing coming out for it is Pandora's Tower.

Well people still need Wii remotes for the Wii U, so i don't blame them...but it does feel like years too late...

I've had my rechargeable batteries since 2006 and use them for everything as well...not sure i'd pay for a specific battery pack because they tend to cost just as much as rechargeable batteries do and at least the latter can be used in other things...


Should have come like this back in 2006 - rechargeable batteries and packs aren't new and would have helped save a shit load!

USB connection would also be useful - do wish the GamePad wasn't specific.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I guess it would have been quite costy back then though, but still the SixAxis controllers still had them in and they weren't any more expensive (well at RRP)

What i have always been worried about with Li-ion is that eventually the charge will run out and then replacement batteries will be hard to find. Imagine ten years down the line and the controller wouldn't be able to run unless it was on the mains.

Makes me feel like i should get a replace DS and 3DS battery now! Forward thinking and all!

Very late, would have been a much sought after feature 3 or 4 years ago. People could still use it for WiiU.. but not many WiiU games still use the Wiimote, so I wonder. (On that note, more WiiU FPS games seriously need to use the Wiitemote/chuck combo, because it was used criminally little on the Wii itself).

My guess is, this is a little straw grasper to keep the Wii going a bit longer while the WiiU finds its feet in the market.

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