HTML5 Puzzle RPG CrossCode Considered for Nintendo Platforms

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.04.2013 2

HTML5 Puzzle RPG CrossCode Considered for Nintendo Platforms on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The HTML5 RPG CrossCode is being considered for a release on Nintendo platforms, according to developer Radical Fish Games.

In an interview earlier this week, the creators expressed interest in bringing the concept to Nintendo platforms, with Nintendo Wii U the likely candidate given the availability and ease of scaling projects using the Nintendo Web Framework. However before taking things further, Radical Fish Games are commited to finishing the PC/browser version.

For those unfamiliar with the project, Crosscode is a retro inspired 2D puzzle/action RPG developed in HTML5 and using the Impact game engine. Playable in your browser you venture through levels solving puzzles to progress, facing enemies and "epic boss fights" by "throwing energy balls at everything" using your mouse pointer to aim.


A demo of the concept can be played on the CrossCode website.

What do you think of the CrossCode concept? Could it work on the Wii U, perhaps using your stylus?

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guywithaface (guest) 10.04.2013#1

Yea it think it would be good on Wii U, it would be interesting to see what they would use as the cursor to aim, obviously they could use the stylus but they could also use a Wii mote, over all i think this would make a great addition to the Wii U eShop.

deathh (guest) 10.04.2013#2

The demo can be played on wii u!!!

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