This is How to Play the Nintendo Wii U in a Car

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.04.2013 5

This is How to Play the Nintendo Wii U in a Car on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Periperhals manufacturers MaxBuy have come up with a way to play your Nintendo Wii U during long journeys in a car.

The device plugs into the cigarette slot and powers the Wii U console, plus also includes an optional USB adapter for keeping the GamePad well juiced up at the same time. The games will need to support off-TV play however - but with an increasing number of titles, including Super Mario Bros U, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, FIFA 13, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and now Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, it's certainly worth considering for your next road trip.

One gamer in Japan has already tried running the Wii U on-board a train.


What do you think of the portable Nintendo Wii U idea, would you give it a go?

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Holyfire (guest) 17.04.2013#1

Not something I'll concern with. But sounds great for ppl that want to mod their cars with a gaming system for the passengers. Something I doubt PS4/720 will ever be applicable for.
Hell, someone could probably do an LCD+battery addon for the WiiU and almost make it a virtually full portable system. The IR would be the only function that would be difficult to incorporate (maybe battery capacity too)

Kyle (guest) 17.04.2013#2

when can i buy this and how much?

Not really interested in doing anything like this...

Laurelin from afar (guest) 17.04.2013#4

I think it's great for puzzle games or games, which forgive shaky input because of a bunpy ride. I actually think, it's interesting and a good idea - to get the kids silent on a car ride.
Or you could actually look after your kid and entertain it yourself.

But for older kids or yourself, not bad...

I used to play my 360 in the car. Of course, the cigarette lighter didn't supply enough gigawatts, so I hooked it directly to the motor to power the thing.

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