Pandora's Tower Developer Keen on Wii U GamePad Ideas


The studio behind Pandora's Tower, Ganbarion, are keen to get started on a project that makes good use of the Wii U GamePad.

Speaking to Siliconera this week, Pandora's Tower director Toru Haga praised Nintendo's setup with the Wii U, highlighting "exciting features" and a handful of potential ideas that could be fed into future projects and that Ganbarion are "very interested in challenging ourselves with new hardware".

We're thinking of a gameplay idea that uses two screens from different perspectives, like a tabletop RPG, where players could potentially give each other objectives and progress through the game. Or like with Miiverse, where players can share their gameplay experiences easily, we were thinking of a game that focuses on communication.

Despite many creative ideas flowing around the studio, "as a developer we need to focus on how welcoming it is to the players" Haga suggested. "We took this approach when we were originally only going to use one Wii Remote for Pandora's Tower."

Have you played Pandora's Tower yet? What are you hoping for from the developer?

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20.04.2013 19:23


Box art for Pandora's Tower





Real Time RPG



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