Unofficial Wii U Miiverse Apps Tackle Android Store

Unofficial Wii U Miiverse Apps Tackle Android Store on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A handful of unofficial Wii U Miiverse apps have already started popping up on the Google Play/Android store after launching in beta earlier this week.

Those who want a dedicated way of accessing the service on a mobile or tablet device could give some of the unofficial methods a go. For now the apps are simply re-styled versions of the main Nintendo Miiverse page, tweaked to fit within a mobile device and contained within a browser wrapper, but are still an option for those wanting a quick way of tapping into the service.

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Download Miiverse unofficial Android App

Nintendo are aiming to release official apps for mobile and tablet devices shorty.

Have you tried out any of the unofficial Wii U Miiverse apps on your mobile?

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27.04.2013 13:09


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