New Mario Kart Trophies Grace Euro Stars Catalogue

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2013 4

New Mario Kart Trophies Grace Euro Stars Catalogue on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo of Europe have added two new Mario Kart trophies to the Club Nintendo stars catalogue for pro racers with enough stars to spend.

For 5000 Club Nintendo stars members can grab hold of either a Mario Kart 7 Banana or Mushroom trophy measuring 12 x 7 cm for the banana and 10 x 8 cm for the mushroom.

Image for New Mario Kart Trophies Grace Euro Stars Catalogue

Will you be grabbing hold of these Mario Kart trophies?

Box art for Mario Kart 7








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Our member of the week

Meh. I liked it better when they were actually offering physical copies of games. For years, all we've had on offer was the game & watch collection, which most people don't care about. They even used to gift White Gamecubes at one point for 20,000 stars, which were exclusive Mario Strikers bundles if I recall correctly.

Those days are definitely long gone though.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Wow, I wish I could get these on the NOA Club Nintendo. They look incredible!

5000 stars! That flaming ridiculous for something like that! You'd have to buy 20 Nintendo games just to get this!!! 

LOLZ (guest) 04.05.2013#4

They're gone now after about 4/5 days on the catalogue. That sucks bad.

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