1-UP Studio Launches New Developer Website

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.05.2013

1-UP Studio Launches New Developer Website on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

1-UP Studio, formerly Brownie Brown, have launched their new website.

The group, which has been reborn with a new name, remains owned by Nintendo and currently has a team size of 18 people. Whilst details on the new projects are still unknown, the company have posted its new philosophy, highlighting the reason for the new name.

The team have been responsible for a number of projects over the years and are perhaps best known for their work on Mother 3 and Heroes of Mana.

1-UP, a term associated in the gaming world as "the moment when the player increases its lived", is being used to imply positive images and for a company to "steadily build up its accomplishments step by step."

For more details visit the Official 1-UP Studio website.

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