NERD to Explore Cloud Computing, GPU Processing for Nintendo

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.05.2013 1

NERD to Explore Cloud Computing, GPU Processing for Nintendo on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Nintendo European Research and Development are looking to explore cloud computing, as confirmed in a recent Iwata Asks.

In an interview earlier this month, the group - known as NERD for short, formerly Mobiclip - discussed their goals working with Nintendo. The group are aiming to work on new technological capabilities for Nintendo hardware, and one of these areas includes Cloud computing.

The developers at Nintendo headquarters need to spend their time developing the actual platform, so I think we'd like to explore areas that they don't have time for. For example the possibilities which are opened up by the combination of cloud technologies and new software paradigms like general purpose GPU programming.

Cloud computing would allow developers to use the processing ability of dedicated computers and servers to perform tasks and relay the information back to the user. For example, process additional game functionality - like rendering an open world - over the internet.

What are your thoughts on Cloud computing and whether it could help enrich or hinder gaming?

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U_n ique (guest) 28.05.2013#1

They try cloud gaming for playing 3ds games on wii u Smilie

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