What's Different About New Super Luigi U? Find out in a New Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 01.06.2013 1


What to know what's so different about New Super Luigi U? Nintendo have launched a new trailer for the game.

Available as both DLC and a limited-edition standalone title at retail, New Super Luigi U will share the same overworld as the original New Super Mario Bros. U game, but will include 82 new levels with a 100 second time limit.

Together with Luigi's unique abilities, multiplayer support and playable Nabbit character, there'll be a far tougher level design for those wanting a greater challenge or simply seeking more HD Mario platforming.

The DLC/download edition will be available on June 20th in Europe and the US, with a later release for the boxed/standalone version.

Nintendo also confirmed that there will be a patch to allow for the DLC to be purchased through the game itself, plus the ability to play using Wii Pro Controllers for those wanting a bit more grip to their pads.


Will you tackle an all new Luigi world with New Super Luigi U this year?

Box art for New Super Luigi U





2D Platformer



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Just look at that box version! Day one buy! This type of surprise is why i love Nintendo!!

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