Warren Spector Confident About Nintendo Wii U Revival

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.06.2013 6

Warren Spector Confident About Nintendo Wii U Revival on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector is confident that Nintendo can turn things around after a shaky start with the Wii U launch.

The Wii U hasn't been the instant success many had hoped, but with a range of games out this year and into 2014, things are likely to turn around. Whilst critics have written off Nintendo as a player in the industry, Spector has voiced his opinion on Nintendo's ability to delive

"I've been pretty up front about my enthusiasm for Nintendo. I think we need a company that's dedicated to games. Every time I visit Nintendo, I'm relieved to have spent time in a place where you can just feel how much everyone loves games and, really, how many times have people written Nintendo off? I think you underestimate them at your peril."

Currently Spector is talking opportunities with a handful of studios and "You may see me coming back soon. Or you may not. I'm playing it by ear."

What do you think about Spector's comments on the Nintendo situation?

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He is right. I think Wii U will be successful. Always have done. How successful is a different matter. Had you asked me 5 weeks ago would it achieve the success Wii did I would have said no. I could see it doing better then Gamecube but not Wii.

Ask me now and its hard to say. People are buying Wii U in retaliation to the Xbox One anti-consumer tactics. If Sony announce similar tactics for PS4 its quite possible Wii U could be as successful as Wii and maybe even PS2 or DS.

I think two weeks today week we'll definitely be in a better position Wii U wise, 3D Mario and more should hopefully drive sales!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Nelson m. (guest) 02.06.2013#3

People are not buying the Wii U in retaliation to the Xbox. They are buying The Wii U because after seeing what both sides are offering. The Wii U is clearly the better choice.

I'm surprised that people continue to predict doom for Nintendo or atleast the Wii U. Before Wii came out, it was "never going to work, poor grafics, silly controller...etc" and then it dominated. Original DS "why do we need 2 screens? confusing etc" - it dominated. 3DS "No games, headaches... etc" - its dominating. So i think its very very early to be saying the same sort of things about Wii U, especially when Nintendo has shown again and again that it can prove people wrong.

Uhm, when Warren Spector thinks something will succeed, I'm a bit worried...

I am still skeptical about the WiiU not because of irrelivant negatives, but rather I don't think Nintendo backed a good positive.  A screen in the controller just isnt as great as they think it is :-/

Its still worth getting because its sure to have great games  - this is Nintendo after all. 

I just think the only interesting thing is asymmetrical local multiplayer - and thats taken a backseat to "Look! A item screen and map!". I never had any problems pressing a button for that - and dont see much distinction between that and moving my head down.

I am also grumpy because they didnt upgrade the Wiimote. That was just lazy.

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