E3 2013 | View 3D Screens of Mighty Switch Force! 2

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.06.2013 1

E3 2013 | View 3D Screens of Mighty Switch Force! 2 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The folk at Wayforward have tipped fans via Twitter on how to find new screenshots of Mighty Switch Force! 2 for Nintendo 3DS.

Want to see the mighty Officer Wagon in 3D? Simply tap into the 3DS eShop and search for "mighty" to have a gander at the latest screenshots of the fire-blazing concept in action.

The popular platformer returns on Nintendo 3DS this Spring, pitting Wagon and Corporal Gendarmor against scorching hot flames as the pair set out to prevent Tangent City from burning to the ground.

What do you think of Mighty Switch Force! 2 so far?

Box art for Mighty Switch Force! 2

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Loved the first game and will be getting this. Glad to see they've changed the main character's profession in order to bring fresh ideas to the gameplay.

Even though there'll likely be a WiiU HD port in the future, I prefer this sort of game on a portable.

( Edited 08.06.2013 18:41 by Ifrit XXII )

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