Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Cubed3 have launched a dedicated chatroom and friend code exchange system for the brilliant Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS.

With so many new mayors sprouting up around the globe, it can be tricky to find new friends to play and share the game with. By registering as a Cubed3 member you can save your friend code to your account and join other Animal Crossing: New Leaf players in the forums and chatroom.

Daily Animal Crossing: New Leaf chatroom times

The chatroom is available 24-hours a day, every day, but we recommend visiting from 6pm GMT daily to chat with other New Leaf players, exchange codes and play online!

If not, feel free to join the chatroom at any time or post in the Official Animal Crossing New Leaf topic.

  • 7PM GMT
  • 11 AM PST
  • 2PM EST
  • 8PM CET
Image for Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum
Image for Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum
Image for Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Chat, Friend Code Exchange and Forum

Join the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Chatroom

Ready to start chatting? Join the Animal Crossing: New Leaf chatroom below:


Be sure to bookmark and share with other Animal Crossing: New Leaf players!

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18.06.2013 23:22



Box art for Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Also known as

Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori









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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article



hey everyone                                            Smilie

the chatroom wont work


Hello, does anyone want to play animal crossing new leaf (ACNL)? I have pears, oranges, apples, mangoes, peaches, coconuts, and lemons. I'm bored.

kix (guest) 09.07.2013 01:33#7

is ruby moving on anyone's game?

jesus (guest) 12.07.2013 00:53#8

hey guys add me my fc is 4897 6052 7958 name is brett  

Jordy (guest) 18.07.2013 14:01#9

Add me name:jordy friendcode:0344-9403-5056

Miya (guest) 26.07.2013 20:04#10

Someone add me? My fc is 1461-6204-4494

Hello, I'm currently sacrificing my social life to this game. I adore it. Great idea to swap details and stuff. Heavy competition here for the best house score?

dont think I've posted in 2 years Smilie


Wahey, Crazylurch is back! Smilie

Hey hey, how're you? Still the same crew?

Got a 3DS and Wii U now so this site is very useful again Smilie

on Animal Crossing no after spending about a thousand hours on Fire Emblem Awakening Smilie

Kitten (guest) 31.07.2013 19:15#14


Hey guys does anyone have a whole furniture series in their catalog? 
Add me anyways! 1564 2114 2149

( Edited 01.08.2013 16:41 by AnimalCrossingFever )

luigi00 (guest) 06.08.2013 19:59#16


Nerea (guest) 12.08.2013 19:16#17

I do Smilie 
my code: 0602-6369-3359


shiny (guest) 23.08.2013 19:50#19


ok jordy I will add u my name of my FC is kingmr1230 code is 5086-0842-4995

tiffany (guest) 27.08.2013 23:35#21

ok! heres my fc 3625 8296 6675

hi guy's add me on acnl pickles: 2320-6308-9883 reply with your name and friend code so i can add you

Jaden I will I really want oranges and pears think I have every other fruit 

Please add me if you have animal crossing and oranges or pears as think they are the only fruit I don't have and would like them please

Do you want to swap codes? I'm new to the game and would love to visit you 

hey every one add me my names shannon fc: 4914-3577-5629

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