Miyamoto Questions Future of F-Zero Series

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.06.2013 10

Miyamoto Questions Future of F-Zero Series on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With Mario Kart 8 venturing into anti-gravity, is there hop for a new F-Zero installment? It's looking unlikely.

Speaking to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto during E3 last week, IGN quizzed the famed designer on if Nintendo would be revisiting the much requested F-Zero series in the future. 

Miyamoto has been coy about the F-Zero series in the past and it seems that this hasn't changed as "I don't really have a good idea for what's new that we could bring to F-Zero that would really turn it into a great game again." He noted that he doesn't know "what direction we could go in with a new F-Zero".

However, Miyamoto and Nintendo there's much interest for a new installment, but the House of Mario aren't sure yet how to revitalise the series for the current generation.

Would you like to see a brand new F-Zero title? Have your say in the comments and poll below.

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Heh, Miyamoto has never really cared for F-Zero. I wouldn't expect to see another F-Zero until he steps down from Nintendo, unfortunately. I also don't understand this "have to have a new idea" thing. They churned out three Animal Crossing games that were essentially the same before mixing things up with New Leaf. Heck, Super Mario 3D Land for Wii U is proof that Nintendo doesn't really require genius new ideas to develop a sequel. 

Miyamoto on Finding New Ideas

"Hmmm new ideas...new ideas...need new ideas...got it! A cat tail! A freaking cat tail! We'll put it on Mario! It's brilliant! Welp that's all the energy I have for new ideas today, sorry F-Zero."

Jacob4000 said:
Heh, Miyamoto has never really cared for F-Zero. I wouldn't expect to see another F-Zero until he steps down from Nintendo, unfortunately.

Wasn't Miyamoto not a fan of Donkey Kong Country either? Now we have two more games in the series.

Sonic_13 said:
Jacob4000 said:
Heh, Miyamoto has never really cared for F-Zero. I wouldn't expect to see another F-Zero until he steps down from Nintendo, unfortunately.

Wasn't Miyamoto not a fan of Donkey Kong Country either? Now we have two more games in the series.

This is true, but Donkey Kong is a much more lucrative franchise than F-Zero. Donkey Kong sells in the millions and hits all the right boxes as far as demographics go. F-Zero doesn't have that sort of strength.

I think the feeling at nintendo is, if a title doesn't sell all that well, alarm bells sound. To reintroduce it they need a new idea. 

Games like animal crossing sell really well, so they'll happily churn those out.

Yeah, it's probably a sales figure thing.

F-Zero GX was a really fantastic game and it holds up well even today. However, what's it's lacking today are all of the nice frills that comes with the modern game. Things like HD resolution, online matches, and more processing power for graphics and AI and what not. If you build some fun new tracks to race on, make a new story mode, and add in all of those cool modern features, I'll be so happy. I'd probably have to buy a WiiU just for that game.

I don't know what innovative ideas he could bring to F-Zero, but I don't think it needs anything innovative. Frankly, if he changed the formula very much, I'd probably be unhappy with it.

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Yeah, F-Zero doesn't need new ideas.
What it needs is a HD version running blisteringly fast with a decent online mode. It's coming up to a decade since the last F-Zero on a home console, so I'm even a new game would have lots of new bits and bobs without actively thinking of innovations.

I still say if you want to give the series a nice twist; make it a GTA style future sandbox game with a INSANELY big city.
Or planet.
Best make it a planet. A massive sandbox planet you can race around.
Bring back a chessy story (like GX had), have all the "tracks" effectively just overlapping courses over this world, add pit stops, shops, and secret places.

It will make the series very distinct from Kart too.

I want new ideas and twists badly - and theres loads still out there that can be done. Its just disappointing Nintendo seems to struggle with them in the last few years Smilie
FYI, I dont think theres ever been a racing game as fast as F-zero online. It might not be possible.

( Edited 22.06.2013 16:54 by Darkflame )

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Sad times really, GX wasn't really highly regarded by Nintendo themselves...which is bizzarre considering how well recieved it was by cult fans and reviewers. I guess the sales figures are the ultimate test, why bother spending time creating an Fzero/1080/Waverace/Starfox when they could churn out yet another Mario/Zelda/DK and make a lot lot more. As a business decision it makes sense...but not one that fans are too happy about!

I'd be intrigued to see comparative sales between that of the Kirby/Animal Crossing/Pikmin franchises compared against Fzero/Starfox....because I really think its about high time we get a sequel to GX/Command

How depressing. GX was a great game.

At the very least it'll be nice to see GX on the WiiU Virtual Console. :/

Smilie This is all I think to the above statement... *facepalm* 

Whats wrong with Nintey sometimes... Gamecube was one of the best consoles regarding quality games!  
We didnt get many of those games for the Wii apart from Brawl ... So if they want WiiU to be some sort of success they need to make F-Zero/1080/Waverace/Starfox 

I still play F-Zero GX four player and it still amazing to play to this day but the graphics do stand out a bit!!! 


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