C3 Plays | New Super Luigi U (Parts 1-3) With Commentary

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.06.2013 2

C3 Plays | New Super Luigi U (Parts 1-3) With Commentary on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

New Super Luigi U is one challenging DLC pack, and we take on the opening world to see what's new in the much anticipated update.

Released this week as a DLC add-on, and also in July as a retail disc, New Super Luigi U offers 80 brand new courses designed with Luigi's abilities in mind - the bigger brother can now jump higher and further, plus also has a case of slippery toes. Despite sharing the same overworld and story, these new levels are designed for quick, nippy challenges in a 100 second limit.

The levels are insane. Enemies spawn everywhere, jumps are far tighter and demanding than the original and New Super Luigi U will cause sweaty palms in platforming ecstasy.




Have you downloaded New Super Luigi U yet? What are your thoughts on the game?

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2D Platformer



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Been playing it and love the extra bit of difficulty. Great DLC for sure! 

When in doubt....Whip it out!


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