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By Adam Riley 01.07.2013 6

The team at Cubed3 loves its music, be it generally or on the gaming front, so when companies bring out new products that claim to be the very best in portable audio, interest is piqued. For the duration of 2013, the firm favourite in terms of quality and price has definitely been the Music Angel Friendz, which lasts a whopping 150 hours in addition to producing amazing sound for a budget price of £25. XMI has slammed its X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker down on the table now, for around £40, claiming it has taken the crown. Tech Up! delivers the final verdict…

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According to XMI, this UNO is the first in this particular line of (award winning) X-Mini Capsule Speakers to feature new ceramic drivers that help to deliver a clearer, crisper sound than previous models. Whilst Cubed3 has not used other devices by this company before, the sound quality is indeed extremely impressive for such a small piece of kit. It is also great how compact it is, opening up - concertina style - to add more bass to the sound output. In terms of overall volume, it does not pack quite as much of a punch as the Music Angel Friendz, but the added bonus it does have is a volume wheel.

The expansion of the speaker is a patented extendable vacuum that mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer - the Bass Xpansion System - and although emitting a mono sound, just like the Music Angel Friendz, a string of the UNOs can be connected together using the 'modular Buddy-Jack' design to increase the range of the brilliant bass sound that defies the size of the diminutive portable speaker.

One of the big selling points is that ceramic tweeters produce a wider frequency range that covers higher and lower sounds when compared to aluminium ones. This basically means that whereas some other speakers may start to crack and lose clarity when the volume increases, the UNO has no problems of the sort. It has a battery life of more than 20 hours between charges (two-to-three hours for a full charge via a micro-USB cable), which in itself is amazing, but not a patch on Music Angel's life (which the company is already working on increasing to a whopping 250 hours at the moment, complete with increased bass!). Still, most people will get a heck of a lot of use from this trendy speaker!

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Some portable speakers struggle to live up to their 'portable' nature, because despite being easy to carry round, they are not really sturdy enough to be thrown in a bag and transported from place-to-place, coming in handy when camping, at house parties, barbeques, and so on. This is where the UNO shines, with it being compact, strong, and even the audio cable attached can be safely tucked away, clipping nicely underneath on the base's indented section.

As ever, here are the raw technical details for those that are drawn to such information:

  • Dimensions: 60mm x 47.5mm (closed resonator)

  • Net Weight: 112g

  • Speaker: Magnetically Shielded 40mm 3.6Ohms

  • Loudspeaker Output: 2.5W

  • Frequency Response: 150Hz-20kHz

  • Signal-to-Noise: >= 82dB

  • Distortion: <= 1.0%

  • Playback Time: From 8 to 20 hours

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

  • Battery Charging Voltage: 5V

  • Battery Charge Time: Minimum of 2.5 hours

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[b]Tech Up! Final Thoughts

Small, compact, durable, powerful, and with a long battery life, the X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker is a superb addition to anyone's audio output collection. The fact that many can be joined together to create a daisy-chain of audio is impressive indeed, and the bass levels and clarity of sound make this even more of an enticing prospect. Throw in six different colours to appeal to all audiences, and this is definitely worth checking out, even at its £40 price point.

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Between this and the Music Angel Friendz, I'm pretty much all sorted on the portable audio front!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

I was stupid and bought the polymer instead of the ceramic one but even still it's freaking awesome! I love this speaker because that Music Angel is just designed ridiculously for anyone who is really portable.. Can't wait to get one of these Unos for even more durability and sweet sound.

To be fair to the Music Angel Friendz, a mate of mine chucked his in his backpack and took it to Glastonbury without any problems and I often shove mine in my bag and take it to my day job (on quiet days when the boss isn't around Smilie ). No problems!

I know what you mean, though - the UNO is definitely more compact in design. I'm intrigued to try out the upcoming new Music Angel speaker, with 250 hours and deeper bass.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

I'll have to try the Music Angel too because I believe ya.Smilie Some of the videos I saw it sounds amazing!

Just a warning to anybody who might want to order one. I've been looking for one online and there are FAKES everywhere of the Music Angel! Counterfeits made in China are sold for cheap in many online stores. They sound bad and break easily according to reviews.

the xmini guy (guest) 04.09.2013#5

i have both speakers and the xmini uno blows the music angel out out of the water im typing this from my psvita hooked up to my xmini uno

Whilst I don't agree in terms of audio clarity, in terms of portability, I've brought my X-mini with me all over, yet kept the Music Angel at home after my first one got damaged in my bag coming back from work...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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