Major Wii U System Update Expected by October

By Jorge Ba-oh 11.07.2013 2

Major Wii U System Update Expected by October on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has released a minor firmware update today that includes a mention of the major system upgrade expected later this year.

As well as the usual improvements to the system and stability, today's minor tweak to the Wii U setup included a note that confirms when owners can expect the second of two major updates. The first was released at the end of April, and Nintendo have confirmed that the next will be available towards the end of September/early October this year.

This downloadable software is said to be bringing further improvements to the Wii U's system speed and functionality, something complained about when the new hardware launched last November.

What changes are you hoping for in the next major Wii U firmware update?

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I will be happy with a faster operating system actually this console has been VERY good to me and thats more then i could EVER say about the ps3 and xbox 360 when i owned those too

What happened to the summer update being the big one? :/ The new standby features are cool though.

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