New Pokémon X/Y Legendary Details, Team Flare and New Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.07.2013

New Pokémon X/Y Legendary Details, Team Flare and New Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Pokémon Company have revealed new details on the the legendary beasts in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y with their exclusive moves.

A wealth of new information was detailed this week, including the first details on the cover creatures Fairy-type Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal, a Dark and Flying-type Pokémon.


Xerneas will be able to learn a new move "Geomancy", which features rainbow light that erupts from the ground. The legendary creature from Pokémon X will also be able to use "Fairy Aura", a move that increases the impact of Fairy-type abilities but also does so with any Fairy-type opponents in battle.

Yveltal, on the other hand, can learn and use the deadly "Oblivion Wing" - a deadly aerial move that unleashes a powerful bean of red light to opponents below. Yveltal can also use "Dark Aura", which is especially useful in double/triple battles.

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As well as the legendary Pokémon, Nintendo also announced new details on the new storyline. Professor Augustine Sycamore will be the donator of your starter creature and Pokédex this time round. Two new Gym Leaders were also revealed - Grant, a sports lover, plus Bonnie, a science master.

A mysterious group known as Team Flare, a fashionable lot, appear in the Kalos region... what could their motives be?

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Finally, a new feature known as O-Powers was revealed, a feature that allows trainers the ability to power-up  their team. These come in various forms and can be shared by the new Player Search System (PSS) - allowing these O-Powers to be shared locally or over the Internet. Some of these will temporarily increase stats, increase EXP points in battle or make it easier to catch critters in the wild, for example.

What are your thoughts on the latest blast of Pokémon news?

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