Play Pikmin 3 Demo in GameStop/EB Games and Download a Day Early

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.07.2013 1

Play Pikmin 3 Demo in GameStop/EB Games and Download a Day Early on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has announced a Pikmin 3 hands-on and pre-order experience at selected  GameStop/EB Games stores.

The much anticipated release of Pikmin 3 on Wii U is intended to be the summer Nintendo hit, and to celebrate Nintendo of America are hosting hands-on sessions across 250 locations. On July 20th/21st, selected GameStop locations in the US and EB Games in Canada will be primed with a playable demo of Pikmin 3 (presumably the E3 build).

Those who attend can pre-order the download/eShop edition to guarantee playing it a day ahead of the official August 4th release as an early August 3rd download.


Will you attend the playthrough sessions and download the game a day early?

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I was so tempted to buy a Wii U and this yesterday... Finally a game has been released that I want! Maybe I'll pick it up later today and let you know what it's like... 

Update: So I bought the game yesterday and have been playing it pretty much non-stop since. It's brilliant. Much better than 1 and 2, although a lot of bridge-building is involved which can get a little old quick. The game pad is used very intuitively in this game and the difficulty level is actually quite high.

( Edited 15.07.2013 08:57 by Gibdo88 )

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