Rumour: Could Mighty Switch Force! 2 Be Heading to Wii U?

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.07.2013 2

Rumour: Could Mighty Switch Force! 2 Be Heading to Wii U? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Rumour: A PEGI age rating for Mighty Switch Force! 2 could well suggest that the game could be heading to Nintendo Wii U.

A listing for Mighty Switch Force! 2 was recently spotted on the PEGI European ratings board as to be available on Nintendo Wii U, with a July 13th release date. With the popularity of Mighty Switch Force! on Wii U, it is likely that the sequel would make the jump to the big living-room screen at somepoint.

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Box art for Mighty Switch Force! 2

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This news makes my consideration for getting the first one on Wii U alittle easier :3

what, this must be a mistake.

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