ASDA Drops Wii U from Stores, Goes Online Instead

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.07.2013 1

ASDA Drops Wii U from Stores, Goes Online Instead on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

UK Retailer ASDA has dropped the Wii U console from its shelves, opting for a more online focus for the flailing hardware.

ASDA confirmed MCV to confirm that the Wii U had been available since launch at around 100 stores instead of the full 555 roster, and will not be stocked on stores shelves for the remainder of this year. However the hardware will be available again shortly on Asda Direct, the company's online service, with consumers given the option to deliver to their local branch.

The Nintendo 3DS, however, will continue to be sold as normal given the increased demand and performance for the system. Like the Wii U, it will be available to purchase online again shortly.

What are your thoughts on the lack of the Nintendo Wii U on ASDA's shelves?

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A slight disappointment for Nintendo, ASDA are one the biggest retailers in the country (albeit not for games) but nonetheless an issue if Nintendo can't get stock into stores for the Christmas period.

Other than GAME who else are the biggest sellers of hardware/software in the UK? Sure there's HMV, Argos, ToysRus, Currys PC World, TESCO, Sainsbury's but I wonder if there are any stats out there? 

EDIT: Well supermarkets seem to be winning on this front -

( Edited 30.07.2013 20:22 by Flynnie )

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