Nintendo Launches Onett Times for EarthBound on Miiverse

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.07.2013 2

Nintendo Launches Onett Times for EarthBound on Miiverse on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has launched an additional community for EarthBound on Miiverse for official series announcements.

Dubbed "Onett Times", the additional page - which can be found inside the EarthBound community - will have posts and news from Nintendo representatives on the series.

Given that EarthBound has just released on the Wii U Virtual Console and the launching of a dedicated news section, it's likely that more Mother/EarthBound news would be posted in the coming months. A possibility then for an officially localised Mother 3?

What Earthbound/Mother news would you like to hear?

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Interesting. The fact that they have an official announcements page does seem to point towards more for the series. 

Working like a fiend isn't very fun... and surprisingly isn't very fiendish either.
IcarusBound (guest) 07.08.2013#2

Its a shame that its taken so long for Nintendo to pay attention to any Mother/EarthBound title outside Japan, but i must say that im very excited, even giddy, about the fact that they ARE paying attention to what a very large portion of english-speaking people wanted for years. All the rest of us can do is pray for any EarthBound translations, or new titles, that should also be released in America! Nintendo, its a different world now! All you need is to "advertise" on facebook, twitter, & whatever other social site, and you will draw every American EarthBound fan in, along with a whole new generation of peoe who have never heard of it, but are interested. Guaranteed, it WILL make money. 

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