The Legend of Zelda CGI Movie that Never Made it

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.08.2013 5

The Legend of Zelda CGI Movie that Never Made it on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A snippet of a Legend of Zelda CGI movie pitch has surfaced online, found in an animator's portfolio.

Animator Adam Holmes was part of a team at Imagi Animation Studios, who pitched a CGI-driven Zelda movie to Nintendo, which never got the green light. The short segment of animation shows a Hyrule fleet roaming through the darker regions of the world, where a sinister force lurks in the shadows. We're also introduced to a youthful looking Link, fairy bow in hand.


Live action, CGI, how would you like to see the Legend of Zelda series represented on film?

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That didn't feel like Zelda to me at all. Random Gaston-like knight, ugly/generic cartoon style, dark setting, hardly recognizable Ganondorf…
Zelda to me is about lonely adventure, beautiful environments, spirit-lifting characters and Link's quest of finding courage.
Link's epic look in the end is the only thing that saved the trailer.That being said, I think something like this could work as a Saturday morning cartoon.

Also, you linked the version of the movie that leaves out the best part, the end.
Try this one: ^^

Not sure why so many people seem to be down on this interpretation of Zelda. Anyway, generic is definitely not a term I would use to describe it. If you want to see generic look at the new batman series. 

I had only two gripes: Link cames across as an emo turned hero. The hair is too long and floppy and  he needs 5% more body mass. He looks mal nourished (Gordon Freeman wasnt well built but nor did he look like he only ate the occasional burger.) 

Ganon looks too pretty.

Apart from that I like the colour pallette, the strong Zelda character portrayed (not screaming her arse off) The foot soldier monsters. They have a darkened tone but they respect its a game for all. THe way the enemies turn to dust is a nice touch.

No.. just no

Link's hair needs to be shorter and  not covering his eye like that, other then that it looks pretty cool.

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If a cg movie of zelda is to be made id love to see it being made with the techniques used to make tin tin. This, tho it looks ok is saturday morning cartoons rather than movie

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