A Look at a Real Legend of Zelda Master Sword

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.08.2013 3

A Look at a Real Legend of Zelda Master Sword on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Swordsmith Tony Swatton, who runs a YouTube channel, has forged a real, rather sharp Legend of Zelda Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda weapon, the Hero of Time's iconic sword, was one of the most requested items to be crafted in reality by the group and in the last week, was put together. There have been hundreds of attempts at recreating the Master Sword, but not as an actual, forged blade.

Along with a very, very sharp blade, etched markings, centre pendant and handle, the sword devours pots and bottles with ease.


Would you want a true Zelda Master Sword in reality?

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That's excellent!

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Awesome! The time and effort that went into making that is to be admired. I wonder how much it would cost to commission 1 of them swords. Top end unofficial collectors item!

Would seriously love to have something like that, though I'd stick with my less deadly replica/wooden version! J

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