Nintendo Files Lawsuit Against R4 Distributor in the US

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.08.2013 2

Nintendo Files Lawsuit Against R4 Distributor in the US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have continued plans to crack down on piracy by filing a lawsuit against a website who sells piracy devices.

According to Nintendo of America, is a group that "blatantly promotes and sells unauthorized Nintendo games along with devices and services that circumvent the security in the Nintendo DS system and the Wii console" - including the R4 device for DS.

The site is also promoting to becoming a distributor for the new Nintendo 3DS Gateway brand of Flash cards, which take a similar approach to piracy that the R4 units do.

Do you agree with Nintendo's stance against retailers like HackYourConsole?

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I wish Nintendo would lighten up, but I also which there weren't so many software pirates. I think creating and downloading homebrew applications that doesn't pirate software is awesome. I got the homebrew channel working on my Wii and used it to play Japanese Wii games (bought in Japan) and DVD movies. It's great!

I don't condone piracy, though. Lots of people worked hard to bring you a game (or song or movie or program) and if you are going to use it, they should be compensated. There is no reason you deserve to have it for free. You're not special.

It's about this point where someone brings up that they don't want to support the greedy publishers, or record label, or something else that isn't the artists involved. The artists are often getting compensated poorly because someone else is taking the money. To this I say, if you really feel strongly about that, give the artists money directly if you pirate their stuff (still illegal, but I lose most of my moral high ground). Otherwise, don't support the status quo where suits are taking more than they deserve because they are in charge. Support independent artists instead. But don't pirate the artists'+suits' stuff; just don't use it at all.

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i don't promote piracy, but nintendo should focus on there console and better games. i love nintendo since i was a kid, but now it seems they don't make console or games they just want to make money.

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