Rayman Legends Performs Best on Nintendo Wii U in the UK

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.09.2013 4

Rayman Legends Performs Best on Nintendo Wii U in the UK on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In its opening weekend in the UK, Rayman Legends has performed the best on Nintendo Wii U in the weekly charts.

According to the latest UK Chart Track data, the game has performed well overall, cementing itself in 6th place within the top 20. However, once the sales data is broken down into individual platforms, the Wii U version sits comfortably in 14th position, Xbox 360 in 18th and PS3 in 20th.

Rayman Legends was originally a Wii U exclusive, and despite the move to multi-platform, still retains some exclusive GamePad functionality and design.

The game has pleased both critics and fans, earning a Platinum Award here at Cubed3 in our 10/10 review.


Which version of Rayman Legends did you opt for?

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That's really good to see. Let's hope it will stay like this in the coming weeks...
I am pretty sure that it lifetime sales will be huge for Rayman Legends on Wii U. It's early in the life of the console, whereas PS360 is almost 'dead.'

When broken down into different systems Wii U version is at rank 14... That means if it never would have gone multiplatform, the game would be at rank... 10 at best. That's no good news, really.
But it's good to see Wii U version sells best. I would like to have seen the numbers, thou.

It's similar to Raving Rabbids, which was released on Xbox and Playstation later after Wii-version. Naturally, it played awful with gamepads. later versions where released on Wii only afaik. Maybe we see something similar here. I would like that.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

I see this selling not too well like with the previous game sadly. Still, I hope the WiiU version sells the best all around. Will hopefully show other publishers that games made with the WiiU in mind are the way to go.

Now we just need to WiiU to start to selling!!!u:-D

I have some vouchers on Amazon to use and i reckon good ole Rayman is going to get a look in....when the price drops...

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