Nintendo UK to Launch 2DS, Pokémon Advertising Campaigns

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.09.2013 3

Nintendo UK to Launch 2DS, Pokémon Advertising Campaigns on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo UK will be launching a huge advertising campaign for the Nintendo 2DS and Pokémon for this Autumn season.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be "on the same level" as the company's previous Animal Crossing: New Leaf campaign, according to UK marketing director Shelly Pearce. Alongside the release of the new Pokémon games, Nintendo will also have a heavy focus towards the new Nintendo 2DS console.

There'll also be a continued push towards New Leaf in the run-up to Christmas.

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Aaaaand the WiiU continues to drift off into obscurity.....................

I really hope that with the release of Mario, Donkey Kong and WiiU Party that Nintendo put just as much into WiiU marketing as they do with the 3DS and 2DS campaigns. Run the ads during high-viewing shows like X-Factor and actually start trying now.

I've started seeing Disney Infinity ads that focus solely on the WiiU version which is nice but the system needs even more.

( Edited 06.09.2013 18:48 by Ifrit XXII )

darkflame (guest) 06.09.2013#2

I cant believe Nintendo are going ahead with this 2DS madness.

If there really was a "issue" with young kids and steroscopic paralax screens, just add (and advertising) parental controls for the real 3DS system.
Its a software thing. No need for this un-portable system.

And yes, the WiiU needs love. It needs *games*. NEW games.
WiiSports,Fit and Brain Training would all help. Real new entries for mario and zelda obviously too. (talking system-selling things here, not my personal list...)

Darkflame, I'm very sure you can already turn the parental controls on for turning off 3D.

Also, the 2DS is clearly built with being cheap in mind, taking out the 3D screen, making it hinge less and rugged is really going to appeal to parents whos kids will want to play Pokemon. It's also really helps for parents who are afraid of their children being affected because of the 3D and don't know about parental controls because they're reluctant to learn how to use software.

It also looks pretty nice.

And yes, Nintendo should be focusing more onto the Wii U, but I have a feeling that the UK might be a lost cause. Nintendo really haven't advertised anything besides Pikmin 3 since launch, and before the Wii, the UK was pretty much Sonyland, with it now seemingly being Xboxland.

It's going to end up worse than the Gamecube, and that was bad enough.

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